The gracious nation of Ghana was built upon gold and salt, which fueled much prosperity. Not only was the nation built upon material luxury, but also it was further built upon hope, promise, and strength. Natives of this nation are indeed people of favor, all possessing futures that shine as brightly as the gold that adorns the royal Asantehene of the land. Miss Ghana USA, too, is a person of much favor. As a native of the Ghanaian land, I indeed walk a life of favor. Originally born in Kumasi, Ghana, I was raised in the inner city of Newark, NJ, USA. My amazing parents had the difficult task of raising four beautiful daughters in a crime- and poverty-ridden city. However, this did not stop my reach for success. I am currently a scholarship- winning sophomore studying Public Policy, Law, and Human Rights at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. At only 20 years old, I have traveled through the United States, and abroad. I have won numerous leadership awards and excelled in academics throughout my educational career. I have landed highly competitive opportunities such as the ongoing opportunity to intern for (an Amazon Company). Such successes are expected of an immigrant child whose parents have come to the great nation of the United States of America for nothing but excellence.