Elsie Abena Okoh-Addo

Ms. Elsie Abena Okoh-Addo was born in Accra, Ghana on July 12th, 1994 to Mr. and Mrs. Seth Nana Addo. Right from childhood, Elsie has always acted out in love and sincere compassion for others. Elsie had the privilege of growing up in a supportive and loving household in Odorkor, Accra and throughout her teenage years. She began her kindergarten education at Emily Crèche, Asylumn Down, continued her primary education at Star Avenue school and then, relocated to the United States at the age of 11. Elsie has always been a stellar student and enjoys taking the initiative in motivating her fellow peers to doing the same. Coming from a background such as hers, Elsie had to learn the importance of hard-work and diligence from an early age. Elsie’s father migrated to the United States when she was only two years old, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters at the time. Elsie watched her mother struggle from time to time, while juggling the role of an entrepreneur and caring for two young children. It is through her parents’ diligence that she also learned to never give up.

Upon her migration to the United States in 2006, Elsie knew this was her opportunity to improve upon herself and life for her family. She graduated with honors from her middle school and later as valedictorian of her high school graduating class. Although flourishing in her academic work, Elsie also faced many hurdles, one being bullying. Based on her dark complexion, lean body, speech, “accent” and her inability to assimilate into the American culture, she was a prime target for bullies and the least on the totem pole. Bullying affected Elsie’s self-confidence greatly throughout middle school, which later followed into high school and eventually college. She never quite felt good enough, beautiful enough or qualified enough, that was until her encounter with Christ her third year in college. Ms. Addo gained a new self-worth through Christ and is what continues to shape her outlook on life today. It was during this period that she learned to remain hopeful and optimistic, especially in unpleasant times.

At the current age of 22, Elsie is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she acquired a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. Elsie hopes to further her education, with an ultimate goal of becoming an obstetrician gynecologist. During her time at UNC Greensboro, Elsie served as President and Vice President of three on-campus organizations. From Sigma Alpha Lambda to the African Student Union and a campus Christian ministry, Yahweh’s Anointed Army. It is quite evident that Elsie believes in the attitude of service and leadership. She has an undisputable passion for people and in spreading much needed love as exemplified by Christ.

In summary, Elsie once thought as many African immigrants still do today; which is that in order to create change back home, one has to have a certain level of wealth, status and success. Now deemed false, Elsie has come to realize that it all begins with a mindset and an attitude for change. Miss Ghana USA is an outstanding platform for like minded young Ghanaian women across the United States, who still believe in the nation of Ghana. Elsie believes in the purpose, beauty and ability of all Ghanaians and seeks to encourage and equip those she mirrored in her past.