2014 EMELIA LARTEY (1st Runner Up)

Emelia Lartey – the modern day pan African feminist. A former division 1 athlete and national track star Emelia is a true definition of a phenomenal woman and role model for young women around the world. She currently holds the title of Miss Ghana USA first runner up.

Originally from Ghana, West Africa Emelia attained her primary education at Christ the King Primary School in Accra and continued her education at a private boarding high school in Connecticut. She received her university degree from Marist College in New York in the Hudson Valley. She is currently an MBA candidate.
Emelia Lartey took New York City by storm when she launched her creative marketing firm in 2014 after successfully running a historic campaign for the New York Hudson Valley Community. With her strong BACKGROUND in marketing, business development and public relations, Ms Lartey is propelling the company to great heights around the world. EM Management boasts clients from Europe, Africa and the Americas and is proving to be a pioneer of small start-ups swimming amongst the big name firms on the international frontier. Beyond marketing and public relations, EM Management also specializes in talent management & branding.

Her charisma, drive and infectious spirit are traits that are synonymous with “EM” – a name most people call her. However, EM is also a college wide campaign and tour FOUNDED by Emelia Lartey to raise awareness about Epilepsy. “Epilepsy Matters” mission is to spread awareness, educate and inform the masses on an illness affects 65 million people.

Some of her hobbies include playing the piano, running, photography, traveling and yoga.