Miss Ghana USA collaborated with Raising HOPE, a non profit charity organization, this year to support their adopt a child for Christmas program. The each of the children at God’s Children Charity Services in Dodowa, Ghana are adopted by individuals within the United States Community for Christmas. This includes an ongoing and loving relationship between the children and their sponsors, as well as fostering continuous access to items needed for sustaining an optimal quality of life (ex. clothes, toys, school supplies, shoes). In 2012, our queen Hilda Akua Frimpong had the opportunity of traveling to Ghana to host the special holiday gathering with the Children of God’s Children Charity Services.


Miss Ghana USA collaborates with the Beyond Aid Project every year to produce a host of activities to foster personal development, independence, and a strong sense of womanhood amongst aspiring woman entrepreneurs in Ghana. This year the two organizations hosted a women’s summit, where the importance of self value and maintenance, teamwork, and collaboration were the highlights. The women were also given the opportunity the show their craft, and take pride in their work with makeovers and an opportunity to model their hand-made bamboo products that are currently for sale.