Ivy Preko MGUSA 2015

iPrekoo is her first successful released clothing line; a student at Radford University majoring in Fashion Design & Public Relations. Ms. Preko believes that God does everything for a reason & as winning the title back in 2015, she will be open to more opportunities. As a young girl she constantly received compliments on how matured she was at a young age & till this day, she still does. She always had a passion for modeling, pageantry & designing; And became one of the top ten girls in the Nat’l Miss Virginia pageant in summer 2013. As her platform denotes,  Ivy  Akosua Amankwaa Preko has promised to continuously support widows in her motherland.

Miss. Preko indicates that she has the plight of widows at heart, saying she feels the pain they go through in their daily lives. She promises to expand her widowhood organization “Be Inspired”  in several remote areas in Ghana- specifically, Tamale in Northern Ghana among others.

Upon how outreach back in Ghana, as part of her projects; she visited widows at Gomoa in the Central and Agogo in the Ashanti Region, encouraged them to stay strong and donated several items to them. She observed that widows need people to lean on, hence, her campaign to support them.

According to her, it was a good experience visiting the widows and disabled foundations at Gomoa.

Based on a family experience, Ivy intimated that her grand- mother weathered through the storm before she passed away as a widow; due to no husband or relative support.

Ivy is passionate about what she does, setting up her drive to compete in pageants than the fame that comes along with the crown.

She expressed appreciation to women and the media for supporting her cause and in furtherance, expressed appreciation to God and her family for supporting her.