Ms. Jameela Mohamed
Miss Ghana USA 2012- 1st Runner Up


One quintessence idea showcased by the organization is the act to educate and dispose the rich and highly recognized Ghanaian culture to the world and to implant in our Queens, participants and others.

Ivy A.A. Preko (Miss Ghana USA 2015)


Being a Queen vouches in natural Grace . A Queen's harmonious acts are derived from her gracefulness- which in all certainty brings about self-potency, good behavior and eloquence; and as a worldly recognized beauty pageant, we ensure that.

Lisa Aidoo (Miss Ghana USA 2013)

Recognize the beauty in your authentic self; fashion fades, but as a Queen, your style is timeless.
As a Queen with a distinctive title, one will be prone to the diversification of style, opportunities and fashion.


Monique Nyampong (Miss Ghana USA 2014 Finalist)

-As part of the core motives of Miss Ghana USA Beauty Pageant, contestants and emerged Queens are enforced to be empowered by their own inner beauty. Loving yourself is one of the prettiest and prepossessing act one can undertake.

Miss Ghana USA Core Motives

-Imposing the act of sovereignty & leadership for our Queens and participants to endeavor. As one of Lisa Haisha's saying goes: Great leaders do not set out to make a difference- as it is always about the goal; but never the role.

-MGUSA is a proud philanthropic inclined organization. Aesop once said, "no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." & "We rise by lifting others."- Robert Ingersoll." For these reasons, the organization instills in our Queens the act of giving and philanthropic work; as well as participants- irrespective of their platforms.



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